On May 14, 2016, Kids Want 2 Read will be in Berryville, VA, at the Fair Trade gift store My Neighbor and Me, 15 E. Main Street,
from 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Come and meet the author! Find out about Monkey Mike and his adventures and hear what happens to Johnny who can't read.
All are welcome! See you there! 


This book deals with the importance of 

literacy and tells what happens to Johnny
who never learned to read and gets into
a lot of trouble
. Price $12.95 

5_star-flat-hr.-MM_Seal_small.jpgFive Stars Review


Published by Headline Books. Headline Kids is an imprint of Headline Books.

This book deals with the importance of
self-acceptance and friendship.
It teaches tolerance and the embracing
of diversity. Price $12.95

5_star-flat-hr.-MM_Seal_small.jpgFive Stars Review



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Sandra enjoys reading the Monkey Mike and the Magic Mirror book.
View the video  >

Who is your favorite character?
Monkey Mike
Gerry the Giraffe
Leo the Lion
Harriet the Hippo
Sammy the Snake
Zippy the Zibra
Willy the Wildebeest
Ralph the Rhino


Posted by norasack Pathammavong on
Very good book!!!!
Posted by Sandra sirikool on
thank you for makeing this book monkey mike is awesome!
Posted by saosavan on
Harriet the Hippo is pretty :)
Posted by Sarah Jarrel on
My mom just bought "Monkey Mike and the Magic Mirror". I like the book very much. I like the ending where Monkey Mike gets all his friends back. My favorite character is Gerry the Giraffe. She is so cute. I hope you will write more books soon. I'm a fan!
Posted by admin on
My sister and I love your book, "Monkey Mike and the Magic Mirror." We also like all the characters very much and the story has a happy ending. Harriet the Hippo is our favorite character.
Johnnie Amberg
Posted by Susan Martlow on
My Mom just bought me your new book, "The Trouble with Johnny . . . He Can't Read". It's my most favorite book ever. I also have your Monkey Mike book. I can't wait for your next book!!!!!!!
Susan Martlow
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